"Uncommon Man" Jimmy Torres

(Evaristo Records)

Here’s what TLM reviewer Beverly Paterson says:

Armed with an impressive pedigree, Jimmy Torres not only held the role of lead guitarist of The String-A-Longs—a Plainview, Texas band whose instrumentals from the early sixties still yield positive responses—but he was also an original member of The Cobras. The latest venture from this veteran performer finds him all dressed up in traditional country and western wear.

Freighted with steel guitars, mandolins, and tinkling piano ripples, "Uncommon Man" spools right back to the days when country music really was country music. Organic production values joined by economical hooks and arrangements energize these pithy tunes. Jimmy's raspy, lonesome vocals are fully emphatic to the themes of his thoughtfully written songs. Like a seasoned storyteller, he has a peaceful, relaxed manner that gains the trust of the listener. Earnest and easygoing, "Uncommon Man" has what it takes to make overused sounds and influences seem new again.

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Uncommon Man

Coming Home

Living in Texas

Two Bit Gambler



His Woman


Dust on the Road

St. Louis Airport

The Band

James Plog – acoustic, electric, and steel guitars and mandolin

Fred Martin – bass guitar

Les Gallier – drums

David Rasico – piano and keyboards

Charles Chalmers, Sandra Rhodes, Brenda Barnet – background vocals

Mitch Klersey – harmony vocal on "Two Bit Gambler"