King Richard and The Knights

(Plus Other ‘60s Albuquerque Groups)

 (Collectables COL-0684)



The early ‘60s was a time when guitar-rock instrumentals ruled the airwaves, and the Fireballs and the Ventures led the way. Dick Stewart, who founded The Knights (A.K.A. King Richard and The Knights), was heavily influenced by these bands, which resulted in the Knights’ first 45-RPM release in 1963 titled “Precision.”


Says Stewart, “‘Precision’ (so titled by my wife, Judi, after the popular Fender bass) became a great regional hit in 1963, and it set the record by a local group performing an original tune for the most time at the number one position on KQEO AM radio in Albuquerque. (KQEO, during the ‘60s, had an incredible market-share rating of 51!) To this day, that record has not been broken.”


It was the novel classical piano riffs, combined with Stewart’s Stratocaster guitar licks that really gave this tune its unique hook. 


This highly sought after cult classic CD not only features nearly all of The Knights’ early to mid-‘60s instrumental and vocal releases, but a selection of vocals by other early to mid ‘60s Albuquerque rock-and-roll bands that enjoyed a massive amount of KQEO spins during that time, as well.


Artists and Titles:


King Richard and The Knights

“I Don’t Need You” (Delta Records 2143)

“How About Now” (Delta Records 2143)

“Why” (Delta Records 2114))

“That’s the Way It Goes” (Delta Records 2114)

“Those Things You Do” (Delta Records 2048)

“I Want to Love You” (Delta Records 2048)

“Precision” (Red Feather 18401)

“Cut Out” (Red Feather 18401)

“Moon Beam” (Red Feather 20327)

“Lonely by the Sea” (Red Feather 20327)

“Moonbeam”- vocal (Jyck Records 106)


The Plague

“Go Away” (Epidemic 2164A)


Era of Sound

“Girl in the Miniskirt” (Delta 2225A)


The Kreeg

Impressin’” (Lance Records 2229A)


The Sidewinders

“Tears from Laughing” (Look Records 5003)

“Charley Aikens” (Look Records 5003)


The Saliens

“Travel Lightly” (Look Records 5004)

“Baby Says” (Look Records 5004)


Jason Stewart

“Calm and the Storm” (Jyck Records 102)




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